How to mint

This is a step-by-step guide of how to mint NFT on Solana blockchain.

1. Setting up Solana wallet

Basically you have many choices:

My favorite Solana wallet is Phantom, which is similar as Metamask (even better experience!).

First of all, visit phantom website and install Chrome extension by clicking “Add to Chrome” button:

After installation, you can see a “spirit” icon with purple background on Chrome toolbar, and below web page will be opened automatically.

Click “Create the Wallet” button. As you can see, the secret recovery phrase is composed by 12 words.

Attention!!! It’s better to write down the secret recovery phrase on a white paper and keep them in a safe place. If someone got your phrase occasionally, he will get full control of your money!

Alternatively, you can click “Copy” and store the secret recovery phrase somewhere on your computer in a safe way.

After above steps, click “OK, I saved it somewhere” and step forward.

Next step is to set a password of your wallet, and you will need to get verified when trying to send a transaction.

Click “Save” button, and congratulations! You’ve all done for setting up a Solana wallet.

You can click the “spirit” on Chrome toolbar to view your portfolios.

2. Buy & Deposit $SOL

$SOL is the native token of Solana, which is similar as $ETH on Ethereum. When you’re trying to issue a transaction, you must have some $SOL in your wallet to pay the gas fee (much cheaper than Ethereum!).

How to get $SOL? Currently the easiest way is through CEX such as FTX, Coinbase, Binance etc., and then withdraw them into your wallet.

Click the “Receive” button in Phantom, and you can see 2 menu items for $SOL deposit:

  • Send from wallet/exchange: You can copy the wallet address or scan the QR code with your CEX application.
  • Deposit from FTX: A new window will pop up and allow you to login FTX and finish the deposit operation.

3. NFT mint process

First of all, make sure the mint website URL is announced by project’s OFFICIAL twitter, discord or telegram! Do NOT believe those DM scammers!

When you enter the official website:

  • Click “CONNECT” button and choose Phantom.
  • Approve Phantom to connect to this website.
  • Then click the “MINT” button and approve the transaction in Phantom, that’s all! Make sure you have enough $SOL in your wallet to pay the mint fee & gas fee.