If you become a holder you will then be able to play in our casino. Holders will be get 44% of casino earnings and 50% of royalties!

There are a total of 4,444 Degens.

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It will be announced soon!

Under fair use law we are allowed to use an artistry style similar to the art in Dragon Ball universe as long as we are not using any character’s names and making it clear we are not officially affiliated with Dragon Ball.

Presale will take place on the same date as the public sale.
The price will be lower than the public sale.
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The Discord link: https://discord.gg/My5b7nG2KK

4 legendary
440 epic
800 rare
1200 uncommon
2000 common

Legendary NFTs of course will have 100% unique poses and each of the remaining four rarities (epic, rare, uncommon, and common) will have two unique poses. All of our NFT items will be 100% unique because they will have different backgrounds, accessories, hairstyles, skin colors, etc.

Holders will get 44% of casino earnings and 50% of royalties! The more you hold the more percent you get.

Holders will be able to claim income rewards via our dapp.

NFT staking refers to locking up non-fungible tokens on a platform or protocol in exchange for staking rewards and other benefits. Staking NFTs allows holders to earn an income from their collection while maintaining ownership. Our staking platform will be revealed soon.

DApp stands for a decentralized application, which is an application that can operate autonomously, typically through the use of smart contracts, that runs on a decentralized computing blockchain system. Like traditional applications, dApps provide some function or utility to their users.

DAO stands for a decentralized autonomous organization, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government, in other words, they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership.
Via voting members decide about the project direction and other matters.

NFT Launchpad is a platform that supports the minting and launch of NFT projects. With the NFT Launchpad Development services, the creators can raise funds to build NFT projects, launch their NFT projects, and market their NFT projects too. These are very much like IDO launchpads but cater specifically to NFT creators.

Minting, in regards to NFTs, is the process of taking a digital asset and converting the digital file into a digital asset stored on the blockchain. Making it officially a commodity that can be bought and sold.

Not all projects use launchpads because it’s hard to get on one, as the projects to get approved need to meet several requirements confirming their quality and reliability.

The mint during the pre-sale is 1 SOL, later on, during the official mint, the price goes up to 1.25 SOL. To get the lower price you need to get on the whitelist.

Our project is inspired by a popular Japanese cartoon style – manga. Manga is a cartoon style – not a trademark. You may wonder if it’s legal – from the legal standpoint, in our project, there are no characters from any specific cartoon itself, nor do we use any trademarked names. The painting cannot copy an existing work of art, so our NFTs are 100% legitimate and legal.